What is Portalogic?

Portalogic management software can be viewed on both PC and tablet.

Portalogic is a complete solution for managing transported water and waste. Trucks entering and leaving a restricted area with water or wastewater need additional security and management. Portalogic gathers data about the load while controlling the equipment and valves when the truck is onsite.

Portalogic works with a variety of station applications such as septage receiving, fats-oils-grease (FOG), sludge, and water dispensing. You can integrate multiple Portalogic stations and manage them with one software solution.

Septage Receiving

Fats-Oils-Grease (FOG) & Sludge

Water Dispensing

About Portalogic


Transported water and waste can be filled with challenges.
Here are some of the key reasons why customers choose Portalogic as their solution.

Automated Data Collection

Portalogic automatically collects transaction details such as customer, truck, time, volume, cost, and more in real time.

Secure Access

Customer accounts allow haulers a number of secure access options, so you're in control of who and what comes into your facility.

Powerful Software

Manage water and waste responsibly while decreasing costs through our automated stations and Portalogic management software.